Salun-at dagiti Ubbing iti Florida

Children's Health Plan (CHIP)

Not all Florida Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) plans are alike. With ours, your child gets extras that other plans don't offer. View the list of benefits below to see all that our plan covers. Our FL Healthy Kids plan is for children and young adults up to age 19 whose families meet income requirements.

Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns, and Volusia.

Dagiti Benepisyo ken Paset ti Plano

Taripato para ti Nakaradkad ken Agsakit

Get the care your child needs to grow up healthy, or to get better if he or she is injured or sick. That includes:

  • Panagpili ti Doktor. Find a doctor you trust in our network.
  • Dagiti agas. Fill your child's prescription at local pharmacies.
  • Shots and Vaccines. Routine shots can help keep your child healthy.
  • NurseLineSM. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Lab ken X-rays. Dagiti eksamen ti lab, x-rays ken diagnostic imaging ket masakupan.

If your child has a special health care need, you can count on us. Our plan will provide the extra care and services he or she needs. Dagiti benepisyo ket kairamanan ti:

  • Salun-at ti Panunot. Counseling and other treatments are available.
  • Panagimaton ti Taripato. Personal support from an experienced professional.
  • Asthma and Allergy Care. Exams, testing and supplies are covered.
  • Diabetes Support. Needles, supplies, plus classes on managing diabetes.

Get the medical care and equipment you need to manage your child's health. For example, your child's care provider might recommend:

  • Makinarya ken dagiti Suplay. In-home medical equipment is covered.
  • Nurse Visits. Medical care to help your child safely recover at home.
  • Care Coordinator. Someone to get your child the services he or she needs to recover safely.

Mabalin a kasapulam nu dadduma ti kanayonan a tulong a mangusar ti plano ti salun-at mo. Kadagidiay a tiempo, mabalin a mangnamnama ka kadakami:

  • NurseLineSM. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Nutrition Coaching. Helpful advice to improve your child's diet and meals.
  • Tulong para ti Lenggwahe. Translated medical materials are available at no cost.
  • Florida Quit for Life. Coaches and supplies to help break a tobacco habit.

Asthma and Allergy Care

Does your child have asthma or respiratory allergies? Then you may be on the watch for a breathing emergency.

Your child can be assigned a nurse with special knowledge of childhood breathing problems. Your child's nurse will:

  • Get to know your child.
  • Learn his or her triggers and activities.
  • Develop a customized treatment plan.

So your child will have:

  • Reduced symptoms.
  • Less need for emergency care.

Care Management

Does your child have a serious health problem? Then our case managers are in your corner. They will:

  • Explain medical terms in plain language.
  • Coordinate doctor appointments.
  • Provide your child's care team with his or her medical records.

Your case manager will stay with your child throughout the medical journey. He or she will:

  • Think beyond immediate medical needs.
  • Make sure you or your child has support at home.

So you can focus on helping your child get better.

Ti Panagpili ti Doktor

Your child gets a primary care physician (PCP), who is his or her main doctor. Use the Doctor Lookup tool to see if your child's doctor is in our network.

If your child doesn't have a doctor or if this doctor is not in our network, we can help you find a new one close to you.

Iti PCPim ket iti kangrunaam nga doktor para:

  • Managlapped a taripato.
  • Panagagas nu sika ket agsakit wenno nadunor.
  • Kadagiti reperal kadagiti espesyalista para ti maipadung nga kondisyon.

Diabetes Support

If your child has diabetes, we'll make life a little easier for him or her. Your child will get needed medicine, supplies and education.

Our diabetes program includes self-care tips for your child and classes to help your child manage diabetes. The content is focused on:

  • Planning healthy meals.
  • Managing medications.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle.

Taripato ti Panagdengngeg

Trouble hearing can affect your child's everyday life in many ways. Our plan includes services and support to help protect your child's hearing.

Sakupen mi:

  • Exams.
  • Therapy.
  • Tests.


This plan pays for all your child's expenses related to a hospital stay, so you can focus on helping your child rest and heal.

Ti plano mi ket sakupen na:

  • Ti Nursing care.
  • Ti kwarto ken makan.
  • Dagiti suplay ken makinarya.
  • Panagagas ken dagiti therapy.
  • Dagiti eksamen a diagnostic.

And after leaving the hospital, we make sure your child gets follow-up care to continue healing at home.

Lab ken X-rays

Knowing what's wrong and finding it early can make all the difference for your child. Ti plano mi ket sakupen na:

  • Dagiti Lab ken eksamen.
  • Dagiti X-rays, scans ken dadduma nga imaging.

We'll help you get the information needed to improve your child's health or be at his or her best.

Tulong ti Lenggwahe

You can receive information in your preferred language. Agdamag ka laeng. We also have people at our customer service who speak more than one language. Nalabit adda maalami a makasao iti lengguahem.

Dagiti Agas

There are no copays for covered drugs.

Your child's prescriptions and refills are provided by our plan.

You can fill prescriptions at:

  • In Network Local pharmacies.
  • Services that deliver right to your door.

Dagiti Serbisyo para ti Kameng

No dadduma mabalin a masapulmo ti bassit a tulong tapno maawatam dagiti pagpilian para iti pannakataripato ti salun-atmo. Babaen kadakami, adda namnamaem a matawagam. We’ll answer your questions simply and completely.

Mabalin mi pay sika a tulongan a mangsapul:

  • Primary Care Physicians and Specialists.
  • Local pharmacies.

Salun-at ti Panagpampanunot

Ti salun-at ti panunot ket kas kapateg ti salun-at a pisikal. Isu a sakupenmi dagitoy nga agpada.


Medical questions and situations sometimes happen at inconvenient times. When you have questions about your child's health, you can call a trained nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our NurseLine nurses will:

  • Listen to symptoms.
  • Guide you on caring for your child.
  • Balakadan naka maipapan ti panangalam ti taripato iti panagbisitam iti doktor mo wenno iti urgent care center.
  • Tulongan naka a mang-ammo nu kaano ka a mapan ti emergency room.

Panangisardeng ti Panagsigarilyo

You know the bad health effects of smoking. You know you need to quit. We support members who want to quit tobacco with coaches and supplies. The only thing they won't get from us is a lecture.

Indieksion ken Bakuna

Routine shots help keep your child healthy.

Isu a sakupen ti planomi:

  • Dagiti mairekrekomendar nga indieksion ken bakuna.
  • Dagiti bakuna iti trangkaso.

Dagiti Panagbisita ti Nakaradkad

Well visits with your doctor can help your child stay healthy. Makatulong dagitoy a panagbisita tapno matakuatan a nasapa dagiti problema iti salun-at, tapno maagasan dagitoy.

Dagiti serbisyo ti panagsakbay ket kairamanan ti:

  • Annual checkups for children.
  • Well-baby care, ages 5-17
  • Hearing screening.
  • Kadawyan a bakuna ken pannakaeksamen.

Awan ti copayment para iti pannaripato tapno maliklikan ti sakit.

Dagiti Pamuspusan ti Kameng

Dagiti Pamuspusan ti Kameng
Kitaen ti Pannakaikari


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