UnitedHealthcare Connected® (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) H7833-001-000



Our UnitedHealthcare® Connected is for adults ages 21 and older who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. The plan offers members a customized care plan and a single point of contact for all Medicare and Medicaid services.

Dagiti Benepisyo ken Paset ti Plano

Taripato para ti Nakaradkad ken Agsakit

If you just need a checkup or if you are injured or sick, you will have access to the care that includes:

  • Unlimited PCP Visits. See your doctor as often as needed.
  • NurseLineSM. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Lab ken X-rays. Dagiti eksamen ti lab, x-rays ken diagnostic imaging ket masakupan.
  • Therapy Services. Physical and other needed therapies are covered.

A healthy mom is more likely to have a healthy baby.  Pregnancy is an important time for women to take good care of themselves and their unborn baby.  We have a special program for pregnant members.  Our Healthy First Steps program gives pregnant women information, education and support during pregnancy. 
Pregnant members can enroll in Healthy First Steps by calling 1-800-599-5985

If you have asthma, diabetes or another chronic condition, you can depend on us. Our plan helps you get the care, support and services you may need. Dagiti benepisyo ket kairamanan ti:

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Iti pamagbaga ken dagiti sabali a panagagas ket masakupan.
  • Panagimaton ti Taripato. Personal support from an experienced professional.
  • Asthma Care. Exams, testing and supplies are covered for asthma and other lung diseases.
  • Kidney Disease Care. Dialysis, medicine and treatments are covered.

We help members keep their vision, smile and hearing in good shape. Dagiti benepisyo ket kairamanan ti:

  • Taripato ti Panagkita. Eye exams are covered once every 24 months for members.
  • Dental. We pay for an exam once every 12 months for members over the age of 21.

You get medical care and equipment you may need to live safely at home. Dagiti benepisyo ket kairamanan ti:

  • Equipment and Supplies. Masakupan ti medikal ken natalged a makinarya para ti pagtaengan.
  • Care Coordinator. Someone to get you the services after surgery or illness.
  • Home Health Care. Nu kasapulan, medikal ken personal a taripato iti pagtaengam.

Sometimes members need a little extra help using their health plan. For those times, they can rely on:

  • Transportasyon. We pay for up to 8 one-way rides to and from medical visits or the pharmacy, if you qualify.
  • Members Matter. Someone to help you get the most from your plan.
  • Tulong para ti Lenggwahe. Connect to a translator through Member Services.

Adult Day Care

Companionship is important. Adult day care provides care and companionship for members who qualify for extra help during the day. Caregivers also benefit, knowing their loved one is well cared for and safe during the day.

If your need for long‑term care has been determined by Texas Medicaid, Adult Day Care can provide:

  • Social connections and friendship.
  • Bathing and personal care. 
  • Meals.

Asthma and COPD Support

Individual care to help you control asthma or COPD symptoms.

Do you have trouble managing asthma or COPD symptoms? A nurse who specializes in breathing issues could help. You’ll get a customized treatment plan and medicine to help:

  • Manage flare-ups.
  • Reduce symptoms.
  • Stay active.

Certain members can also get an allergy-free mattress cover and pillow cases each year.

Ti Panagpili ti Doktor

From regular checkups to preventive health screenings, we want to make sure you get access to the right care at the right time.

Makaalaka iti primera nga pisisyanmo ti taripato wenno primary care physician (PCP) nga isu iti kangrunaan nga doktor mo. Nu awanan ka iti doktor wenno nu iti doktormo ket di kabilang iti network, matunlungandaka nga agsapol iti baro nga asideg kenyam.

Iti PCPim ket iti kangrunaam nga doktor para:

  • Managlapped a taripato.
  • Treatment if you are sick or injured
  • Kadagiti reperal kadagiti espesyalista para ti maipadung nga kondisyon.

Pannakaaywan ti Ngipen

Checkups, routine and emergency care are covered.

Exams and cleanings once every 12 months help keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. If there is a dental problem that needs to be fixed, that's covered as well.

Adult Dental Services (non-waiver Members) $1,000 benefit to cover routine exam and cleaning once per year, full mouth x-ray, scaling and root planning if medically necessary.

Makinarya ken dagiti Suplay

The health and safety of our members at home are important.

Our plan covers some medical equipment ordered by a member's doctor or case manager. This can include:

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds

Extra Help for Pregnant Women and New Moms

Get extra help during your pregnancy and after your baby has arrived. You can get:

  • Infant care book for pregnant Members.
  • Gifts for pregnant Members who attend baby showers.
  • Up to 6 gift certificates for disposable diapers for Members getting post-partum checkup.
  • Home health visit for new mothers.

Taripato ti Saka

We provide the exams and treatments needed to help keep your feet in great shape. And for those with diabetes, good foot care can help prevent much more serious problems.

Iti masakupan ti podiary a serbisyo iramanna iti:

  • Routine foot exams.
  • Singasing panggep iti panagtaripato ti saka ken panagpili iti umno a sapatos.
  • Therapeutic shoes and inserts for members with diabetes.

Gift Program

One welcome kit for Members each year upon admission to a network nursing home. At a minimum, each kit includes:

  • Hand sanitizer, Lotion or Lip Balm
  • Shower cap
  • Water bottle
  • Coffee cup
  • Night light
  • Lighted magnifier
  • Medication Box
  • Reusable bag

Other gift programs include:

  • After completion of Annual wellness visit, members are eligible for a $15 gift card from a variety of vendors

Taripato ti Panagdengngeg

Trouble hearing can affect a person’s everyday life in many ways.  Our plan includes services and support to help protect hearing.

Sakupen mi:

  • Eksaminasion, terapi ken pannakaeksamen.
  • Hearing aids, batteries, and accessories.
  • Pannakaospital

    This plan pays for most expenses related to a hospital stay. Iti daytoy a wagas ket makainana ka ken maagasan.

    Our plan covers these services and more:

    • Ti Nursing care.
    • Ti kwarto ken makan.
    • Dagiti suplay ken makinarya.
    • Panagagas ken dagiti therapy.
    • Dagiti eksamen a diagnostic.

    And after leaving the hospital, you are not alone. Siguradoen mi nga adda ti follow-up a taripato tapno agtultuloy ka nga agimbag iti pagtaengam.

    Pannakataripato iti Uneg ti Pagtaengan

    No maminsan narigat nga aramiden dagiti kangrunaan para iti bukodmo a bagi kalpasan ti panagsakit wenno pannakadangran. No kasapulam, mangipaay kami iti maysa a tao a tumulong iti:

    • Dressing
    • Bathing
    • Feeding

    Language and Interpretation

    You and your doctor need to understand one another. We can explain information in English or in your native language. If you are visually or hearing impaired, special help can be provided. 

    Dagiti Agas

    Our plan includes prescription drugs and refills for prescriptions written by your doctor or specialist. Thousands of drugs are covered.

    You pay only a co-pay amount, if needed, and you can get your prescription drugs at any in-network pharmacy. 

    Dagiti Serbisyo para ti Kameng

    No dadduma mabalin a masapulmo ti bassit a tulong tapno maawatam dagiti pagpilian para iti pannakataripato ti salun-atmo. With us, you have someone you can call 24/7. We’ll answer your questions simply and completely.

    Mabalin mi pay sika a tulongan a mangsapul:

    • Mangipapaay pannaripato iti pagtaengan.
    • Dentists and vision providers.
    • Adult Day Health Centers.

    Salun-at ti Panagpampanunot

    Get help with personal problems that may affect your mental or physical health. These may include depression, anxiety or drugs and alcohol abuse. Our services also include: 

    • Therapy
    • Counseling
    • Medications

    Online mental health resources: Access to LiveandWorkWell.com, which provides access to article resources, and provider searches. 

    No Copays

    While you pay nothing for covered services, you get:  

    • Treatments at hospitals and clinics.
    • Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines. 

    Nurse Advice

    Dagiti medikal a saludsod ken sitwasyon ket sumangbay kadagiti tiempo a saan mo a namnamaen. No adda saludsodmo maipapanggep iti salun-atmo, mabalinmo ti tumawag iti nars 24 nga oras kada aldaw, 7 nga aldaw kada lawas.

    Dagiti narsmi ket: 

    • Listen to symptoms.
    • Tumulong iti panangtaripato iti bukod a bagi.
    • Balakadan naka maipapan ti panangalam ti taripato iti panagbisitam iti doktor mo wenno iti urgent care center.
    • Tulongan naka a mang-ammo nu kaano ka a mapan ti emergency room.  

    Panangisardeng ti Panagsigarilyo

    You know the bad health effects of smoking. You know you need to quit. We will support you while you quit with coaches and supplies. The only thing you won't get from us is a lecture.

    Taripato iti Temporaryo nga Institusyon (Respite Care).

    Adda kadi kameng ti pamilyam wenno gagayyem a mangaywan kenka nu addaka iti pagtaengan? Nu adda, kayat mi a suportaran ti trabaho da met a tumulong kenka. Isu a mangipapaay kami ti respite care tapno makainana met dagiti manartaripato kenka. Ti respite care ket mangidiaya kadagiti mangay-aywan ti waya a makabakasyon wenno makainana manipud kadagiti ay-ayaten da ti biag nga agsaksakit wenno addaan naisangsangayan a kasapulan a taripato.

    Para Koordinar iti serbisyo.

    Our members' safety is our focus. For members who need extra care, like after a major illness, we'll visit them at home to make sure they're doing okay.

    During this visit we:

    • See if the residence needs minor modifications, such as ramps and bathroom safety devices.
    • Set up emergency monitoring.
    • Arrange for a personal care attendant, if needed.

    Dagiti Serbisio a Terapiya

    Physical, occupational and speech therapy can help members recover from a serious injury or illness, or simply reach their full potential.

    Our plan covers visits for:

    • Okupasyonal therapy
    • Pisikal therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • In-home therapy


    Whether you live in the city or in the country, rides are available. Our plan provides round trips to and from plan locations. This includes trips to and from the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

    We pay for 8 one-way, or 4 round-trips per year to support services or support needed.

    Taripato ti Panagkita

    You'll get the care, eyeglasses and treatment that let you see life more clearly. Iraman ti masakupan iti:

    • One routine eye exam every two (2) years.
    • $70 credit for lenses and frames or $105 for contact lenses every two (2) years.

    This benefit is offered by certain stores and retailers.

    Weight Control

    Get 10 vouchers toward local Weight Watchers programs.

    Weight Watchers encourages a healthy approach for eating and living. The program helps you change your eating habits and become more active. Weekly meetings give you advice and support. So you can stay on track and meet your goal.

    • Up to $100 for Weight Watchers program each year.
    • $50 gift card for workout clothes for Members who complete Weight Watchers.
    • Enhanced Disease Management (prior authorization and referral required) providing specific observation and comprehensive educational activities.
    • Specific counseling services for comprehensive individual or group treatment sessions (prior authorization and referral required)

    UnitedHealthcare Connected® (Medicare-Medicaid Plan)

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