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Washington, we’ve got you covered.

No-cost or low-cost health coverage from UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. Learn about UnitedHealthcare health plans we offer through Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). 

Helping people is at the heart of all we do

All Washingtonians deserve affordable health care. More people than ever are eligible for free or low-cost health coverage. This includes working disabled, families, people with disabilities, pregnant women and children. 

At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Washington, we’re committed to making a difference in each member’s life. We take great pride in the quality of service we provide to our members. We look forward to serving you.

See why Washington chooses UnitedHealthcare

Whatever plan you choose, UnitedHealthcare will help you get the care you need.

  • Large variety of network providers
  • No-cost virtual visits
  • Rides to appointments for eligible plans

Take action to prevent the flu. A seasonal flu shot has been shown to prevent flu illnesses, doctor visits and hospitalizations, and can be lifesaving for children. UnitedHealthcare plans cover pneumonia, influenza and shingles shots.

Washington, we’re here to help you access care and resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Ammoen ti ad-adu pay. 

Washington health plans as low as $0 cost

WA Apple Health (Medicaid) Plan:

  • No or low cost
  • Low-income individuals
  • Low-income families
  • Pregnant individuals
  • Children and young adults
  • Blind and disabled individuals

WA Apple Health (Medicaid) Behavorial Health Services Only Plan:

  • No or low cost
  • Mental heath and substance use disorder treatment services
  • Low-income individuals who may be dealing with stress, depression, anxiety or using drugs or alcohol

WA Dual Special Needs Plans:

  • Those qualifying for both Medicaid and Medicare
  • One person who helps you get the most out of your plan (UnitedHealth Care Navigator)
  • $0 copay on all generic and name brand prescriptions

Dagiti Karaman a Programa


We Cover Washington

With one of the widest networks in Washington, UnitedHealthcare is proud to offer health care coverage for the past 10 years to people through Medicaid, Medicare, Exchanges and Commerical plans. We look forward to helping you get the health care you deserve and need.

Medicaid: More for You in 2022

Some of the benefits you may qualify for include:

  • Pre- and postnatal care for pregnant individuals and newborns
  • A large provider network
  • Masakupan ti seguro para iti dereseta nga agas
  • Mental heath coverage
  • Substance use disorder treatment services
  • People who may be dealing with stress, depression, anxiety or using drugs or alcohol

Dual Special Needs Plans in 2022

Mississippians on a UnitedHealthcare Dual Special Needs Plan (or dual health plan) get many extra benefits beyond those you get with either Original Medicare or MississippiCAN Medicaid.

  • OTC + Healthy Food — $1200 yearly for over-the-counter (OTC) products and healthy food
  • Dental coverage — up to $3000 for covered dental such as exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, and dentures
  • Routine hearing coverage — routine hearing exam and $3600 allowance toward brand-name hearing aids or UnitedHealthcare Hearing's brand Relate™
  • Routine transportation — $0 copay for 60 one-way rides to or from non-emergency medical doctor visits or to get prescription medications
  • Prescription drug coverage — $0 copay on all covered generic and brand-name prescriptions including home delivery

Dr. Chat

As a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan member, you can video chat with a real doctor from your phone, tablet or computer with UHC Doctor Chat.

Need to see a doctor but can’t leave work? Have a sick child and don’t want to wait for an appointment? Talk to a doctor in seconds with UHC Doctor Chat. Get the answers, treatment and follow-up care you need, when you need it.

UHC Doctor Chat is available for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Download the app today. 

Umuna nga Addang wenno Healthy First Steps®

Mangibangon iti nasalun-at a masakbayan para kenka ken para iti maladagam ken makaala kadagiti nagmamayat a gunggona iti ’s Healthy First Steps. Ti programami ket tumulong kena a mangaramid kadagiti umiso nga addang tapno mapagtalinaedka ken ti babym a nasalun-at. Ken mabalinka a makaurnong iti $20 uray no agpalistaka laeng. Tulungandaka:

  • Choose a pregnancy provider and a pediatrician (child’s doctor)
  • Schedule visits and exams and arrange rides to your visits
  • Earn rewards for going to visits throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first 15 months of life
  • Get supplies, including breast pumps for nursing moms
  • Connect with community resources such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC) services

Tulong ti Lenggwahe

Makaalaka ti impormasion iti sabali a lengguahe. Agdamag ka laeng. We can connect you with interpreter services which covers more than 170 launguages. 

Our provider network includes many doctors who are multilingual. Our provider directory shows which languages doctors speak. 

You can also get information in large print, Braille or audio files on a CD or flash drive. We can also assist with interpreter services, including American Sign Language.

If you have trouble hearing over the phone you can use a text telephone. This free service allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls. Call 711, give them the Member Services number, 1-800-832-4643, and they will connect you to us. Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm local time. 

24-nga-oras. NurseLine

Dagiti medikal a saludsod ken sitwasyon ket sumangbay kadagiti tiempo a saan mo a namnamaen. Members or their caregivers can call 1-877-370-4009, TTY 711 to speak with a registered nurse anytime 24/7 to get answers to any health-related question or concern.

Dagiti narsmi ket:

  • Listen to symptoms
  • Help with self-care
  • Advise you about getting care at a doctor visit or an urgent care center
  • Help you know when to go to the emergency room

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Clubs in Washington give kids a safe and comfortable place to spend their free time.

If your child is a member (ages 6-17), they are eligible for a free annual Boys & Girls Club membership at participating clubs. 


They are open when schools are not, and provide a positive environment for building relationships, developing character and having fun. The membership includes after-school programs, mentoring and homework assistance.

Health Talk Member Newsletter

Ti HealthTalk a pagiwarnak ket addan iti online. Dagiti pagiwarnak ket nasayaat a wagas a pangammoan iti maipapan iti planomi iti salun-at ken dagiti napapateg a topiko iti salun-at.

Mabalinmo basaen iti aniaman nga oras, sadinoman a kayatmo. Kitaen daytoy tunggal tallo a bulan para iti baro nga edisyon.

English | Español | Vietnamese | Chinese | Russian | Korean

Edukasyon para ti Salun-at


Nasalun-at a dagsen. Panagwatwat.

Obesity and being overweight is common can also lead to other health problems. To help our members be their best, we can:

  • Provide information on a healthy diet and exercise
  • Connect you to support in the community

No agay-ayamka kadagiti video games, agay-ayamka kadagiti makapagkutika. Saanmo a kasapulan a rumwar iti balaymo tapno makapagwatwat - padasen dagiti jumping jacks, panagmarcha iti lugar, sumang-at bumaba iti agdan, push-ups wenno sit-ups iti uneg ti balay.

Walk! Take a walk with a friend outside. Ipagna ti asom, weeno aso ti karubam wenno ti pusam! Imbes nga agmaneho, magna wenno agbisikleta a mapan iti eskwelaan wenno iti balay ti maysa a gayyem.

Clean! Vacuum your room. Padigosen ti lugan. Agmow ti paraangan Maragsakan dagiti nagannakmo, ken tyansam a makapagwatwat ken uray makapaglanggwak.

Unplug! Limit your time watching TV or using your smartphone, computer or other device. Kitaen nga saan a sumobra ti dua nga oras ti panagbuybuyam. No agbuybuyaka iti TV wenno us-usarem ti teleponom - padasen nga agmarcha-marcha wenno agwatwat bayat nga agbuybuyaka wenno agay-ayam.


Nasalun-at a dagsen. Mangan ti nasustansya.

Nasalun-at a dagsen. Nasalun-atka.

No manganka ti ado a calories a saan a kasapulan ti bagim, agbalin dagitoy a taba(fat). A few extra pounds are not bad for most people, but too many extra pounds and too much body fat can be bad for your health.

Dagiti doktor ket agusar ti pangrulod a maawagan ti body mass index (BMI), usar ti kinatayag ken kinadagsen a mangammo no mano ti taba ti bagi nga adda kenka. Ti kasayaatan a wagas tapno agtalinaed a nasalun-at ti kinadagsen wenno agpakuttong ket isu ti panangpili kadagiti nasayaat a makmakan. Adtoy ti sugmamano a nalaka a wagas nga aramiden iti inaldaw:

  • Mangan ti ad-ado a nateng ken prutas ngem ti aniaman a klase ti makan, no mabalin.
  • Pilien dagiti nababa ti calorie na a makan wenno bassit a dasar no mangan iti ruar.
  • Pick healthy side dishes like apple slices or apple sauce instead of french fries. No talaga a makaramramanka ti fries, padasem a mangan ti nasustansya a salad, apple slices wenno apple sauce, sakanto bingayen ti fries kadagiti dadduma a tattao.
  • Uminom ti danum wenno gatas imbes a soda.
  • Kitaen ti label - Mabasam kadai amin ti rekadona? No saan, mabalin nga adu ti sabali a nayonna a saanmo a kasapula, isunga nga agsapul la iti sabali a pagpilyan. Padasen dagiti nuts wenno whole grain crackers imbes nga chips.
  • Sukatan dagiti nasam-it a meryenda iti yogurt wenno dried fruit ( awan asukarna). No managsamsam-itka, mangan ti bassit a dasar iti paboritom a sinam-it iti maminsan kada aldaw.

Stress & Anxiety

When you're stressedm or feeling anxious, your body knows it. Pumaspas ti pitik ti pusom ken tumangken dagiti lasagmo. Everyone gets stressed and feels anxious now and then. But chronic stress or anxiety can be hard on your physical and your mental health. 

Digestion. Stress slows the release of stomach acid and causes the colon to work faster. Daytoy ket mabalin nga agresulta ti sakit ti tiyan wenno diarrhea.

Heart rate and blood vessels. Your heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol may increase. This raises your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Immune system. Stress makes wounds heal slower. Nalaklaka ka pay nga agpanateng ken agkaimpeksyon.

Weight. Stress makes you crave fats and carbohydrates. No bumutyogka, dakdakkel ti peggadmo
para iti atake ti puso ken diabetes.

Mental health. Stress makes you tense and anxious. Daytoy ket mabalin nga agturong iti depresyon, sakit ti ulo, wenno dadduma pay a problema kas ti saan a pannakaturog.

Regain your balance. If stress has taken over your life, here are some ideas to regain control:

Make time for regular exercise. Damagen iti doktormo no ania dagiti ehersisyo a rumbeng para kenka.

  • Aramiden dagiti banag a pakaragsakam.
  • Adalen nga ag-relax. 
  • Aywanam ti bagim.

No isyu latta ti stress kenka, kasaritam ti doktormo. Mabalin a makairekomenda isu ti tao a mabalin a makatulong kenka a mangimanehar ti stress mo.

Find out more online at

Ammoen dagiti klase ti plano

WA Medicaid ID Card Front

Apple Health (Medicaid) Plan

You may qualify for free or low-cost Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage if you're pregnant, have children or live with a disability and meet income and eligibility requirements. Idi dadduma a kaso, mabalin a lehitimo dagiti dadduma a nataengan. Importante a maammoam nga agduduma dagiti pagannurotan ken masakupan ti Medicaid kadagiti agduduma nga estado.

Exchange Card

Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP)

Dual Special Needs Plans (also called dual health plans or D-SNPs for short) are for people who get both MississippiCAN (Medicaid) and Medicare. Sakupen dagitoy doble a plano dagiti panagbisita iti doktor, pannaka-ospital ken dagiti naireseta nga agas. Idiayana ti ad-adu a benepisyo ken banbanag ngem iti orihinal a Medicare. You’ll keep all your Mississippi Medicaid benefits MississippiCAN too.

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